All about Kefir

All about Milk Kefir

Milk kefir can be produced by either using the grains or prepackaged powders. Either ways, both will produce the same look in the beverage. However, there are still some differences between the two. Since the traditional kefir grains are alive, it is your responsibility to look after it. You should take good care of it. It is not appropriate not to look after them for a long period of time. . If it is ignored, there is a high chance that the good bacteria that it contains might die. Nevertheless, there are methods that can help in making the grains last longer like drying it, freezing them or keeping it in the refrigerator with fresh milk. Take note; these are just methods of preserving the good bacteria, but if you do not look after them, it will definitely die.
On the other hand, the powders have the ability to last for up to 12 months, if unopened. To cut the story short, the kefir powder is perfect for those who will not constantly use it in making milk kefir and other kefir recipes. If you are planning to take in kefir in regular basis, then the kefir grains are what you need.
You don’t need to buy kefir grains every now and then. It is also considered cheaper than the powdered once. Usually, the kefir grains are only bought for about $10 up to $15, and that is enough in order to create a cup of kefir every day. In some cases, you can get the grains for free, especially from a person who cultivates a lot kefir grains. The kefir grains grow quickly, so you don’t have to buy grains all the time.
You can just use kefir powders for about 10 times only. Since they don’t grow and multiply, you have to purchase a box of it every time you need one. So if you want to save a lot of money, it would be better to make use of kefir grains in making milk kefir.
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